Andrew Lee’s 四僧 (Four Monks) series is a deeply personal body of work that is reflective of his Chinese heritage, his experience in the classroom and passion for education.


As a former rocket scientist turned teacher, educational entrepreneur, and professional artist, Lee considers his purpose to help and inspire others to achieve their dreams in life. In each of the paintings are four monks; one older monk, the “teacher”, leading his three younger students to accomplish tremendous feats with nothing else than a vision, willpower, and the support of others.


Each piece in the series is named after a quality Lee has found essential for success, which he defines as “the progressive realization of a worthy ideal” (Earl Nightingale). In accordance with each quality, the monks accomplish different tasks as they progress in their own journey towards their vision of success.


Though Lee’s artwork depicts traditional Chinese themes, he modernizes his style in an effort to redefine what is possible, not only with art, but as a metaphor for how society is evolving.  He sees his paintings as a testament to what we can accomplish together as humans; that any obstacle can be surmounted, and that any goal is achievable.


Andrew Lee graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in aerospace engineering and has a master’s degree in secondary education. Lee is currently working on opening his own network of charter schools aimed at modernizing education and preparing students for life. 


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